Our Cathedral Tasting Events usually occur over the summer to autumn months at 6:00 pm on select Sunday evenings and are always fun, informative, and great social events!

We include a Cocktail Mixing and Tasting Class that features vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, rum, and beer cocktail and how to make them.

Our Wine Tasting evening features a country like Italy or France and walks you through tasting notes and what to look for on 3 whites and 3 reds and what foods they might be paired with.

Don’t miss out on our first French Wine & Dine October 14th! Additionally, in October we do an Oktoberfest style craft beer tasting with 6 local craft brews hosted by a local microbrew owner.

The Whiskey Tasting event walks us through 5 whiskies made all over the world and their tasting notes.

Our most popular event is the Olive Oil Tasting evening with 6 olive oils from olive-growing regions around the world, how to taste them, and a food item made with each of the oils to feature food from that region.
French Wine & Dine