Weddings At The Cathedral

Please contact our parish office at (615) 327-2330 or email for more information.

Guidelines for Weddings at the Cathedral of the Incarnation

We are delighted that you have chosen the Cathedral of the Incarnation as the Church in which to celebrate your marriage. Your marriage is, first of all a sacrament; it is one of the most significant spiritual events of your life. In meeting the schedule of a busy parish, the Cathedral is available for weddings on Saturdays only at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

We are giving you these guidelines to assist you in making your wedding everything that it should be. For the sake of harmony, please do not ask for exceptions to the guidelines.

Please call the Cathedral of the Incarnation at (615) 327-2330 to inquire available dates and times and pencil in a date. Once you have penciled in a date, the couple will need to reach out to a priest or deacon of their choice to agree to celebrate the wedding on that day and time. If you are not a parishioner of the Cathedral, you will be responsible for bringing you own priest or deacon. Your celebrant will be responsible for your Pre-Cana.

For the wedding time slots at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm, the Church rental fee is $1,000 for parishioners (or $2,500 for non-parishioners), it does not include music fees, décor (flowers), or celebrants’ gift. The cost of the Fleming Center reception hall is $3,000 for parishioners (or $5,000 for non-parishioners)  + $500 refundable damage/cleaning deposit and does include tables, chairs, dance floor, full catering kitchen, 2 bars, and access all day Friday and Saturday.

Preliminary Preparations

Your very first step is to contact our parish office at (615) 327-2330 or email to check availability and pencil in a date of your choice. To confirm this date we will need the confirmation of a priest or deacon agreeing to celebrate your wedding on the time and day you choose. If you are not a registered parishioner of the Cathedral you will be responsible for bringing your own priest or deacon to celebrate the wedding.

Pre-marriage counseling is most important. The priest or deacon who will witness your marriage is responsible for your marriage preparation. In order to meet his responsibilities he will ask for a Baptismal Certificate from each baptized party and a Marriage License from the State of Tennessee. He will assist you in completing the Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire and instruct you on how to register for an Engaged Couples Retreat.  If you are being prepared outside of the Diocese of Nashville, then the Cathedral will accept your local diocese’s premarital preparation. Please be sure to inform Stephanie Jakes of your preparation if not in the Diocese of Nashville.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal, which is scheduled for the evening before the wedding, ordinarily lasts less than one hour. The priest or deacon who witnesses your marriage, not the florist or wedding consultant, will direct the rehearsal. If your celebrant requests assistance for the rehearsal, please arrange this through Stephanie Jakes. Rehearsal times will be confirmed in the paperwork you receive after booking.

The Ceremony

On the day of the wedding two members of the Cathedral parish will be present to set up and assist the ministers and the bridal party. They will also assist with security issues and ensure that the bridal party is lined up and ready for the start of the ceremony.


Once you have officially booked your wedding at the Cathedral, you will receive a music packet from Stephanie Jakes. Please do not make any other arrangements regarding music until you have reviewed this packet.

The Music Staff of the Cathedral of the Incarnation is very happy to be able to assist you in preparing the music for your Wedding Liturgy. If you have questions at any point during the planning process, please contact our Music Director, Jackson Schoos via our parish office at the parish office at (615) 327-2330 or email


Flowers used for the wedding are left at the Church for ceremonies during the following days. The only place that flowers and greenery may be placed is on the reredos (the marble crucifixion scene in the apse of the Church).

No flowers, palms or other greenery may be placed on the altar of sacrifice or on the floors of the sanctuary. This includes a flower girl dropping flowers on the aisle way.

Only fresh flowers are allowed on the altar; no silk or artificial flowers are allowed in altar arrangements. No asparagus type fern is allowed inside the Church in any arrangement. Other greenery is permissible.

The Cathedral’s vases are available for your use (pictured right). The florist will make use of a large 16″ saucer to fit on the top of the vase. All arrangements are to be prepared by the florist before they are brought to the Church.

Greenery or ribbons may be used as pew markers, provided that they do not mar the pews.


In order to preserve the solemnity and prevent misunderstandings, please ask your photographer to consult with the priest or deacon about pictures during the ceremony.

For your benefit and ours, photography, at the conclusion of the ceremony, should be limited to one-half hour or less. This session should be completed before moving to the reception.

No Church furniture or appointments are to be moved by the photographer, florist or any member of the wedding party.


The cost of the use of the church for a wedding is $1,000 for parishioners (or $2,500 for non-parishioners). This fee does not include music fees, decor (flowers), or celebrants gift.

All fees are non-refundable.

The fees for music are arranged between the wedding party and the organist or vocalist.

If you are having a nuptial Mass it is customary to have altar servers to assist the priest. If you decide to use altar servers, a fee of $40.00 each is required for each server’s service. Please contact our parish office to make these arrangements.

While there is no fee for the priest or deacon it is customary to give a gift of one’s choosing.

We will do our best to ensure that things go smoothly on the biggest day of your life.

Thank you for your cooperation.