San Gennaro MusicFest

September 16th / 1 - 9 pm & September 17th / 12 - 7:30 pm

It’s that time of year again and we’re gearing up for the third annual San Gennaro MusicFest! This year proves to be our best yet … lots of new family activities and competitions coming your way. The festival is 1-9 pm on Saturday, September 16th and 12-7:30pm on Sunday, September 17th.

It’s expensive to put on a festival of this magnitude and quite frankly we don’t have it to spend so we’re asking for your help. Money is ALWAYS nice but what we REALLY need is YOU! We can use a bunch of volunteers to help set up and tear down, prepare food, man our booths and LOADS more duties. Also, the best way for us to make this a success and make money is for you to participate by attending and spreading the word! Bring your family to the festival for great Italian food and music. Drag in the in-laws, the neighbors, the friends…..

You can also help by donating the use of a POP-UP 10x10 TENT for the long weekend if you have one. White tents are preferred but color really doesn’t matter.                                             Email:

Do you use PLASTIC ONE GALLON WATER JUGS or milk jugs? Please clean them thoroughly and save them for us. We need to fill them with sand to weigh down the legs of our pop up tents! There are boxes in the narthex to collect them when you bring them with you to church.

Speaking of sand, we could use about 10 BAGS OF CONSTRUCTION SAND!                         Email:

Can’t donate money but might like to buy a small item we need? Check out our AMAZON.COM Wish List! (CLick the Link) Our account is under San Gennaro MusicFest!

“Who Makes Nashville's Best Meatball?” Competition

Do you make the best meatballs around? Will you enter a dozen meatballs in a competition and have a panel of priest judges decide who’s meatball is the best? Bring a dozen meatballs in a crockpot to the festival for our competition at 5pm on Saturday, September 16th to find out! You will be assigned a letter that only you and our secret team know…. and let our priest judging panel decide that YOU have the best meatball! They don’t have to be Italian … get creative! But bring some meatballs … you could win an awesome prize! Competitors must  bring meatballs by 4pm to the Rectory and arrive back in the main festival area near the stage by 4:30pm to sign in.                                                     Email: and let us know your NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER to enter!

"Bobbing for Meatballs" Competition

Do you LOVE meatballs? Do you think you can find a dozen in a bowl of pasta pretty quickly? Then form a team and a team name … mom/daughter, dad/son, mom/son, dad/daughter, adult/child! Each team will be blindfolded and on the word “go” will have only their faces to root through a bowl of pasta and find 6 meatballs in each bowl. As a total, each team has 12 meatballs they must find and pull out of their bowls. First team to accomplish this wins great prize! Competition is at 5pm on Sunday, September 17th in the main festival area near the stage. Competitors must arrive by 4:30pm to sign in.                                                                 Email: and let us know your TEAM NAME (that YOU create!), REAL NAMES, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER to enter!

Check this page regularly as to how you can help or if we have needs that you might be able to assist us with!

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Online Giving

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